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Product Specification

Capacity 4 kg
Fire Extinguisher Type CO2 Based
Discharge Time Less Than 13 Sec.
Operating Type Squeeze Grip type with Nozzle for Hose Pipe.
Effective Discharge 85%
Colour Red
Pressure Type Stored Pressure Type
Fire Extinguisher Services In Okhla | Delhi
When it comes to fire safety, one cannot afford to compromise. Whether it's a residential building or a commercial space, having adequate fire protection measures in place is of utmost importance. One such crucial element is the presence of functional and well-maintained fire extinguishers. In Okhla, located in the heart of Delhi, there are numerous options available for fire extinguisher services that cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses.
Fire extinguishers are essential devices that can save lives and prevent property damage in the event of a fire outbreak. They are designed to quickly and effectively suppress small fires before they escalate into uncontrollable disasters. However, like any other equipment, fire extinguishers require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure their reliability when needed most.
In Okhla, several professional companies specialize in providing top-notch fire extinguisher services. These companies offer various solutions including installation, inspection, testing, refilling/recharging as well as training on proper usage techniques. Their commitment towards ensuring compliance with safety regulations makes them reliable partners for maintaining an effective fire safety system.
Installation is the first step towards incorporating efficient fire protection measures in any premise. Expert technicians from these service providers assess the specific requirements based on factors like building size and occupancy type before suggesting suitable locations for installing firefighting equipment such as portable extinguishers. This ensures optimal coverage throughout the premises while complying with relevant codes and standards.
Once installed correctly, regular inspections become necessary to ensure that all components are functioning properly according to manufacturer specifications and local regulations. Trained professionals conduct thorough examinations by checking pressure gauges or weighing cylinders to determine if there is sufficient agent inside each unit. They also inspect critical parts such as valves or hoses for any signs of wear or damage that could impede performance during an emergency situation.
Regular maintenance involves periodic testing which ensures that each unit remains ready for action at all times. Hydrostatic testing is conducted on specific intervals depending upon cylinder material type - typically every 5 years for carbon steel cylinders while aluminum cylinders require testing every 3 years due to their different structural properties.


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